A little about me:

Multimedia and Game Designer.
One thing about me is my HUGE love for modern day and futuristic technology. By technology I mean things ranging from Augmented Reality (note: not virtual reality as Augmented is the new term) among other ever evolving gadgets – I.E the oculus (google it).

Furthermore I am studying Multimedia design and game design – gaming is another huge passion of mine as I seem to enjoy creating virtual worlds. My skills in Blender (character creation), Illustrator, AfterEffects (CGI), as well as Website creation using HTML code as well as Dreamweaver are rapidly increasing day-by-day.

Photoshop is not my favourite program to use, yet I do enjoy Digital Painting using my Genius Tablet and stylus – I favour sketching Concept Characters for gaming. 

If it was not for game and multimedia design my second choice of career would be that of Futurology – I just love the current trend of the technological age, the future has endless discoveries in its midst and I wish to be the one to uncover these precise jewels. 
Other hobbies:

Writing (I have written at least Three novels of which I have not forwarded)
– Multimedia Design and Game Design (My top career choice)

– Futurology (2nd career choice)
– Philosophy (3rd career choice)

-Sports (Rugby and football, a little cricket too)
Software Programs I have practiced:
-Adobe Flash (Animations and action-script)

-Dreamweaver (website creation)

-Illustrator (Digital painting and logo creation)

-Photoshop (Digital painting)

-AfterEffects (CGI)

-Premier Pro

-Adobe Audition
In my free times i wish to learn:


Let me know your thoughts!

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