Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, Muslim, rejects Islam and becomes leading Christian apologist.


Dr. Nabeel Qureshi’s testimony, for more see his book: ‘Seeking Allah, finding Jesus‘:

“The Koran told me that Jesus did not die on the cross. The Koran says in chapter 4 verse 157: “We killed him not, nor did they crucify him, but so it was made to appear to them.”

So as a Muslim I believed what the Koran told me, that Jesus did not die on the cross, but Christians think that Jesus certainly died on the cross, so this was a good test right here. Which one is true, which one is false?

So I said I’m going to study Jesus’ death on the cross from a historical perspective, I want to see did he actually die on the cross. And no matter how you look at it whether you are an atheist, agnostic, Jew, Buddhist, however you look at it, if you are a historian and you are studying the evidence of Jesus’ life you have to conclude that he died on the cross. Every scholar who studies Jesus’ life concludes that Jesus died on the cross, in fact what they say that if we can know anything about Jesus’ life it’s that we know he died on the cross under Pontius Pilate.

And the third thing, the issue of the resurrection, did Jesus rise from the dead? Again, if Jesus didn’t rise from the dead the Christian faith is in vain. So how can I know whether Jesus rose from the dead? Well, as “luck” would have it God brought to town a debate, it was a debate on whether Jesus rose form the dead. It was between a Christian Mike Licona, and Muslim named Shabir Ally, both very respected in their fields. And as I was watching the debate, I was still a Muslim, I concluded that the Christian case was far stronger.

I’m not the only one who concludes that. The argument that he (Mike Licona) uses, the minimal facts argument, an atheist by the name of Michael Martin, he’s a very well-known atheist philosopher, says that the minimal facts defence of the resurrection is the strongest defence of the resurrection ever been provided in history.

And so I stepped away from the evidence, and said, let me back it up. What I believe truly does matter, I want it to be true, let me take a look at this. I began to realize that the case for Christianity was very, very strong”

Source: ‘American Muslim became Christian after watching debate between Shabir Ally & Mike Licona’

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